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This story is from Spennynews, Issue 147 - 25th July 2009

Operation summer nights

Local police are spearheading a two-month campaign aimed at curbing anti-social behaviour and under-age drinking through the summer evenings. 'Operation Summer Nights' started from Monday 6th of July and will continue throughout July and August. A series of initiatives across the force area will seek to combat the unruly behavior of a minority of troublemakers, who cause misery and distress to local law-abiding residents. As well as the 'stick' of extra patrols and tough police action against those who transgress, the force is also working with other agencies to offer a 'carrot' in the form of diversionary activities, which aim to provide a more positive alternative. The operation has three distinct strands these are as follows: 1) To reassure the public that partner organisations are working together to take action in relation to antisocial behaviour, particularly at this time of year when an increase in reports is generally experienced. 2) To promote personal health and safety, and to build on the positive behaviour of most young people in the area. To encourage young people to respect each other and their property. 3) To educate, prevent or enforce those messages to people who are behaving or are at risk of behaving antisocially. A quantity of alcohol has already been seized from underage drinkers in and around Spennymoor as shown in the photograph above. Seizures have been made across the Spennymoor Neighbourhood Policing Team beat area. Inspector Bentham stated, “Here at Spennymoor Police we take positive action in relation to anti social behaviour, in particular we will pro-actively target any premises found to be selling alcohol to persons under age. We will also target those persons who supply to or buy alcohol for persons under 18. The areas that have been identified as “hot spot” areas will also be targeted as part of Operation Summer Nights”

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